Join me for a complimentary 4-part video training series!

when you know how the universe is naturally operating, you can make moves that work with it instead of against it. 

VIDEO #1 launches Monday, January 1st
VIDEO #2 launches Wednesday, January 3rd
VIDEO #3 launches Friday, January 5th
VIDEO #4 launches Sunday, January 7th
(all at 10am Pacific)
All participants in this complimentary series will also have exclusive access to Jacki's annual (LIVE!) NEW YEARS GROUP ENERGY CLEARING WEBINAR on Tuesday, January 9th at 12pm Pacific. 
I promise, you won't be spammed :) Entering your info here will only subscribe you to communications about this complimentary series between January 1st and January 12th. You'll be on the list to receive a communication about the next complimentary series at the end of 2024, but you can unsubscribe at any time.
In this series, I'll tell you:
  • What Universal Laws are, and why they're so important
  • How to align your energy with these laws, so you can make them work in your life 100% of the time
  • Mini lessons on a few of my favorite laws
  • How to use these laws to step into your life purpose, make more money, and create the highest and best outcomes with the least amount of force.
Jacki Beem has been featured as a reality creation expert in:
"This is 100% your zone of genius! Thank you! Universal Law School is totally a reality creation tool and SO GOOD!! Thank you for the wisdom you share - very grateful!"
- Deb A
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