Love Upgrade Sessions
This Bundle includes 8 powerful Audio Clearings (described below) and a 20 minute Love Upgrade Meditation (used by many of our clients to pull in new love or create a shift within an existing relationship).

Audio Clearings Include:

I. Intro to Love Upgrade Sessions + Manifesting from Feminine Energy
Since our feminine energy is what PULLS IN the reality we want on an energetic level, it is important that we clear any blocks in the way of activating those feminine receptor energies (whether you're a man or a woman). In this clearing, you will pinpoint and clear your blocks to being safe to operate from your feminine power.

II.  Rules & Agreements About Love
Throughout your journey as a human being, you have been creating a model of reality for how love works. This model of reality consists of all of the beliefs, patterns, observations, and conclusions you have drawn about (1) how people react to you, (2) how lovable you are, (3) who you need to be in order to be loved or wanted, and so much more. In this clearing, you will determine some of the energetic agreements you've made with yourself about how love works and how you have to get it. Once these rules are cleared, you get to create new rules about how it all works! 

III. Self Love & Clearing the Blocks to Receiving
In this clearing, you will get very specific in letting the Universe know what you're ready to receive in your love life. Any partner who shows up in your life is going to be a mirror for how much love you are willing to receive. The more you can love yourself, the more you'll TRUST the love coming from another person. 

IV. Sex & Intimacy Blocks
The first "Sex & Intimacy Blocks" clearing focuses on instances of sexual rejection, shame, and childhood impressions around sex that have created energetic imprints that no longer serve you. The clearing ends by allowing you to re-write the "rules" around sex to suit your own needs and pull in the reality you want.

V. Sex & Intimacy Blocks 2.0
The "Sex & Intimacy Blocks 2.0" clearing focuses on helping you to detect and clear specific instances, patterns, and moments in your life that have created blocks to intimacy. You can listen to this audio multiple times and detect/clear different instances every time if you'd like to. 

VI. The Heart Chakra
When the heart chakra is closed, you may have some difficulty feeling compassion and letting love in. You might feel unworthy of love, or skeptical of anyone who wants to love you. When we go through painful experiences in our life, we unconsciously place energy over our heart chakras to protect us from any further pain. The problem is... this blocks out the love we want. In this clearing, you will face some of the pain in your heart so you can release the energy that is blocking out the love and connection you are pulling in.

VII. Self Love & Hate
In this clearing, you'll detect and demolish some of the places in your field of energy where you’ve been blocking out your ability to unconditionally love yourself. Because when you love yourself, you will attract partners and friends who treat you in a way that is a reflection of this self love... which communicates to the Universe that you are deserving of the life you are pulling in.

VIII. Taking off the Mask
In this clearing, you will identify the places in your life where you are faking it just to get by, and you will trace the energy back to a time when it wasn't safe to be yourself. You will also identify something you're pretending to be ok with, and clear the energy that tells you it's unsafe to feel the way you really do. At the end of this clearing, you will re-program your energy to make it safe to take off the masks you have been unknowingly wearing every day so you can be your true, authentic self (and therefore align your energy with a reality that matches up to your true desires).

A daily 20 minute meditation that allows you to enter into the reality where you are already with your most aligned partner, feeling love, being held, and enjoying your union.

Value (as each clearing was offered separately in other programs at $89 each):


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