Mastering the Law of Divine Compensation

(A Universal Law School Deep Dive)

The Law of Divine Compensation tells us that when we play the role we came here to play, and we play this role with love, we will be compensated always.
Learn more about this law in video #2 of our Aligning with Universal Laws complimentary series

What happens when you align your energy with the Law of Divine Compensation?
  EVERYTHING in your life starts to feel like it's on purpose: your friendships, your partnership, your family relationships, and your activities... they all start aligning with your true desires.
  The Universe naturally directs you toward everything that will get you to where you're going, including the right people, information, books to read, steps to take, events to attend, programs to complete... and even the right blocks to clear. 
  Nothing feels like work. No matter what season of business you're in (building, grinding, marketing, performing, etc), it all feels fun and energizing (instead of depleting). When this law is activated (and you're in that perfect zone of passion and purpose), it feels like the song that has been inside of you your whole life is finally being sung. The gifts inside of you are finally doing what they came here to do. 
  You get to wake up every morning excited to do what you're doing... and go to bed every night excited wake up and do it all again the next day.
  You sleep better at night because you're making the contribution you came here to make. 
  People are more drawn to you because you are YOU... you get to experience a deep sense of belonging and being seen. 

Join us for a LIVE 3-week series, where we'll align your energy with the Law of Divine Compensation!
Course Info:
  This course contains 6 videos (also available as Soundcloud audios) where you align your energy with the Law of Divine Compensation through lessons and energy clearing exercises. Topics include:
  Module 1: What contribution needs to come through me now or at some point? How can I get more on this purpose?
  Module 2: Clearing all blocks, resistance, and resentments around playing this role.
  Module 3: Infusing love into the role you're playing. Clearing the energy around what you don't love about it.
  Module 4: How have you been holding back as you've been playing this role?
  Module 5: Clearing beliefs that de-activate your alignment with the Law of Divine Compensation
  Module 6: Activating your Openness to Compensation for all past, present, and future endeavors.
When a person feels like the work they are doing is serving a purpose in the world, and it feels fulfilling, guided, and aligned with their natural gifts, talents, and desires... that person tends to naturally draw in more clients and more money as they align with the Universal Law of Divine Compensation, and as they carry out a mission that expresses those unique gifts, talents, and desires into the world. 

I hope you'll join us for this amazing experience to activate the Law of Divine Compensation in your life! 
Tuition: $700
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