Mastering Universal Laws

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Self Study Video Course
  Universal Law School I (Valued at $700)

Live Courses & Webinars
  Universal Law School II (Valued at $700)
  3 Live Meditations  (Valued at $300)
  Divine Compensation LIVE (Valued at $700)
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  Activating Universal Laws I
  Activating Universal Laws II
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 Universal Laws are not just beliefs, they are descriptions of how consciousness operates"
 —Marianne Williamson

Course Descriptions:

Universal Law School I
(Video Course)

When we understand the Laws that govern the way the Universe is naturally operating, we can use them to effectively influence our reality and effortlessly create desired outcomes in our life. 100% of the time. If you’re ready to leave the rules and roadmaps of the material world behind, and operate in harmony with the true nature of the Universe, this first term of Universal Law School will upgrade your awareness significantly! This video course is a MUST for anyone in the coaching and healing space who wants to continue their spiritual education, and for anyone who wants to improve their ability to consciously create their own reality.

LESSON 1: Law of Vibration + Attraction & Repulsion + Law of Assumption
LESSON 2: Law of Trust + Law of Attachment & Detachment
LESSON 3: Law of Divine Compensation + Law of Economic Force
LESSON 4: Law of Cause & Effect + Law of Reversibility
LESSON 5: Law of Magnetic Infinities
LESSON 6: Law of Elimination + Law of Balance
LESSON 7: Law of Sound + Law of Instantaneous Transmission
LESSON 8: Law of Soul Evolution + Law of the Bodhisattva

Total Value: $700
To enroll in the ULS I video course without enrolling in the full Mastering Universal Laws program, visit the ULS I order form

Universal Law School II
Live Zoom Course * Begins January 18th

Universal Law School is BACK! And this time, we’re diving into a deep study of the Law of One (and it’s supporting laws) so you can experience yourself in complete unity (and oneness) with the creator and all creations. 

This course is a MUST for all spiritual seekers, teachers, and healers. You are encouraged to take everything you learn here and teach it to your own community in order to wake humanity up and move the planet into a higher level of awareness and vibration.

LESSON 1: Law of One (Jan 18)
LESSON 2: Law of Free Will (Jan 25)
LESSON 3: Law of Responsibility (Feb 1)
LESSON 4: Laws of Infinite Supply (Feb 8)
LESSON 5: Law of Constant Change + Ebb (Feb 15)
LESSON 6: Group Clearing Session (Feb 22)

Total Value: $700
To register for Universal Law School II outside of this program, go to the ULS II order form

Live Meditation Series
"Integrating Universal Laws"

 Dates: February 29th, March 7th, March 14th
Time: 12pm Pacific

After the completion of our live 6-week Universal Law School II course, participants in our 2024 Group Coaching Program will have an exclusive opportunity to attend 3 weeks of LIVE and UNSCRIPTED 30 minute webinars where Jacki will guide you through a meditation to anchor in some of the Universal Laws you have learned. You can count on a Law of One/Law of Free Will meditation, but otherwise the laws chosen each week will be based on the energy of the attendees and what is needed that particular week. The recordings from these meditations will be available to serve you forever moving forward!

Mastering the Law of Divine Compensation

Wednesdays & Thursdays (April 10th – April 25th) @ 12pm Pacific

In this 3-week (6 lesson) zoom course, you will align your awareness with the way the Universe is naturally operating around compensation. Whether or not you learned about this law in our Universal Law School I course, this 3-week deep dive will allow you to learn (or re-visit) this law, and take it to the next level by:

  • Discovering which contributions need to come through you (either now or at some point)
  • ​Identifying where you are withholding your gifts from the Universe (causing the Universe to withhold compensation from you)
  • ​Digging into the programming that has made you shut down your abilities, suppress your desires, and doubt your talents
  • ​Clearing out the energies that are leading you to do work you don't enjoy, or settle for making less money than you need
  • ​Activating your ability to receive compensation from the Universe in all forms (not just money)
Total Value: $700
To register for this course outside of the Mastering Universal Laws program, go to

Bonus Meditations

Activating Universal Laws (pt 1)

In this 13 minute audio meditation, you will relax into an activation of 9 important Universal Laws so you can quickly and easily align your energy with them at any time. While the ULS I and II courses go into detail about each law for educational purposes, this meditation touches on a few of them briefly so you can affirm their existence into your mind, and allow your body to settle into deeper alignment with the natural workings of the Universe. Over time, these laws become your normal, every day way of thinking, feeling, and operating… which makes life come together beautifully! 

Included in this meditation: Law of Attraction & Repulsion, Law of Free Will, Law of Elimination, Law of Balance, Law of Economic Force, Law of Divine Compensation, Law of Abundance, Law of Magnetic Infinities, and the Law of Instantaneous Transmission.

Activating Universal Laws (pt 2)

In this 15 minute audio meditation, you will align your energy with 6 additional Universal Laws. These powerful, potent, and important laws allow you to step into a higher dimensional awareness so you can create your reality effectively, speak things into existence, and have the experience you came to earth to have so you can hop off the wheel of karma and create only from your intention. 

This meditation will align your energy with the Law of Sound, the Law of Trust, the Law of Cause & Effect, the Law of Attachment and Detachment, the Law of Soul Evolution, and the Law of the Bodhisattva.
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